Who Did Your Nails reserves the right to refuse to carry out any treatment if there are any contra-indications or contra-actions to treatment.

A consultation will be carried out on initial appointments, and a consultation form must be signed before any treatments are carried out.

Who Did Your Nails does not do chiropody/podiatry or medical hand and nail treatments of any kind.

The therapies and treatments are cosmetic and are solely to improve the appearance and feel of the hands, feet and nails.

Any medical or chiropody/podiatry treatments must be sought from a medical professional.

Children Under 16

A parental consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian for clients under 16 years of age.

Print and complete a parental consent form from my downloads page.

Enhancements such as nail extensions are not carried out on clients under 16 years of age.

Male Clients

Male clients are welcome, and all treatments and prices apply.


It is vital to make and keep acrylic and gel infill appointments in order to maintain enhancements, and to avoid damage to the natural nails.

Every 2 to 3 weeks is recommended for infill/maintenance appointments.

See price list for costs.

Nail enhancements should never be removed by the client, as this can result in damage to the natural nail and nail plate.

Professional and safe removal of acrylic nails are offered at very competitive prices. See price list for costs.

Nail polish is only temporary and must be expected to chip or peel.
Nails by Who Did Your Nails uses OPI chip skip or Glaze and Go to prolong the life of polish, but chipping/peeling may still happen.
The client should remove and re-apply polish if chipping/peeling occurs.

Service Radius & Minimum Charge

Whilst primarily based in Perth, Perthshire.

I currently offer mobile nail treatments & services within a 6 mile radius of my home at no extra cost (subject to a minimum treatment charge of £15).
Distances outside the 6 mile radius are subject to a minimum travel charge of £8 and by prior arrangement only.

When Things Go Wrong

Whilst all possible care is taken to give top salon quality nails sometimes a customer may report a failure through no fault of their own.

Call me if this happens.
Subject to a discussion and survey of the broken nail, and at my discretion I may offer a repair.
Do not remove the rest of the nails if you intend to keep them.
The repair is limited to the broken nail only. I do not offer cash refunds on any treatments.

Karen Williams

Hi this is Karen from Who Did Your Nails. If you have any questions about your nails or a forthcoming event, get in touch with me..