Gel Polish Nails

Gel polish nail manicures give the modern woman long lasting wearable polish.

I use either gel polish and normal nail varnish.

A gel nail polish is  used in conjunction with a professional UV light to give the wearer at least two weeks of wear without any chips, fading, or smudging.

  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes
  • Zero dry time
  • No nicks, chips or smudges
  • Mirror finish
  • Flawless wear for up to 14 days!

“Karen has been doing my nails for the last few years and i always love the results. She gives a fantastic service and always up to date with the latest trends and colours. Her advice is always spot on. Always recommend her to others.”
– Deirdrie

Gel polish nails can withstand all types of wear and tear, chemicals, and daily abuse without being damaged for a certain length of time.

A gel polish manicure is performed in the same amount of time that a normal manicure takes, but is a little bit different.

A base coat is applied, two coats of the desired colour, and then a top coat. Between the coats, the UV light is applied to set the polish.

With normal polishes, they take minutes to dry and hours to be cured, whereas with the Shellac polish, they are dried and cured immediately.

As soon as your manicure is done, you can touch things, perform any activities, and touch your nails, all without worrying about smudging the polish and ruining your manicure.

Gel polish will last for weeks at a time versus the usual days.

This is ideal for most of us, who are busy and on the go and don’t have time to always be running to the salon to get our nails touched up.

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